A Gift for Mom


Every holiday I try and get my mother a gift to remember. Usually it has something to do with facial hair, because she can’t stand my beard. Last Christmas, for instance, I gave her a sculpted bust of my head with actual beard trimmings affixed to it. She was appalled.

This mother’s day I figured I’d get something a little more sentimental, so I had this custom black velvet painting commissioned for her. It’s a painting of me getting arrested by two busty woman-cops with my 68′ Ford Ranchero 390GT in the background. It’s meant to represent the time I got arrested in college, and the intended effect is to give my mother some closure in regards to that incident, over which she was really upset.

UPDATE: It’s been a little over a week since mother’s day and I haven’t heard back from mom. I hope she is okay.

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