Nike Presents Re:Run

We were asked to come up with an idea surrounding the Nagoya Women’s marathon for Nike Running. Through research, we found out 5% of the runners every year don’t finish. Through more research, we found out there were a bunch of women who failed last year, that were attempting again this year. These are their stories.

Mom’s Christmas Gift

For Christmas I made my mom a snow globe filled with my beard hair. The center features a clean-shaven photo of me, so when she shakes it up she can see me beardless, and when the hair settles she can see me beardful.


Just Do It.

We made a film for Nike Japan encouraging prospective athletes to Take the First Step.

Biking To Work


I decided to film my commute to work in Tokyo, because it is insane. There are cycling laws here, but very few people know them, and even less abide by them. Each morning is an obstacle course navigating busy streets and sidewalks full of school children, deliverymen, salarymen, taxis, scooters and for some reason umbrellas no matter the weather.

A Gift for Mom


Every holiday I try and get my mother a gift to remember. Usually it has something to do with facial hair, because she can’t stand my beard. Last Christmas, for instance, I gave her a sculpted bust of my head with actual beard trimmings affixed to it. She was appalled.

This mother’s day I figured I’d get something a little more sentimental, so I had this custom black velvet painting commissioned for her. It’s a painting of me getting arrested by two busty woman-cops with my 68′ Ford Ranchero 390GT in the background. It’s meant to represent the time I got arrested in college, and the intended effect is to give my mother some closure in regards to that incident, over which she was really upset.

UPDATE: It’s been a little over a week since mother’s day and I haven’t heard back from mom. I hope she is okay.

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